The Comitee of Ecological Agricultures of the Valencian Community is the Control Authority in charge of certifying agri-food products organic at Valenciana of plant or animal origin, transformed or not, obtained in the Valencian Community.




Organic agriculture has undergone a meteoric evolution in rencent years that has made Spain the first country in the European Union in agricultural area dedicated to this production and processing system, and one of the five most important in the world.

The Valencian Community has not been left behind, and we are the fourth autonomus region of the State in area dedicated to organic farming and national leaders in the growth of the number of operators and area of ​​organic farming in recent years.

We are talfing about a production system whose evolution is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the Mediterranean Arc. Andalucia, Catalonia, Murcia and the Valencian Community represent 65% of the total national ecological surface and 58% of producers throughout the country.

Aware of this reality, in the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community (CAECV) we have understood that the ecological sector is an emerging market in which I am sure that there is a great opportunity for growth and profitability through innovation, research and promotion, without forgetting the great contribution we are making to ensure generational replacement in the field and the incorporation of women into the sector.

At CAECV we have been working for a long time with the aim of improving and modernizing our services for the operator. Being effective, professional, agile, safe, fast, impartial, independent and upright are words that define our management model.

But the certification is not just our role. In order to continue reaping good results in the control, certification, representation and defense of organic products, we also bet on the research, promotion and defense of the professional and tireless work of our operators, taking into account their demands, initiatives and needs.

We are an entity open to everything, where we consider that the most important thing is a job well done, respecting the production processes in accordance with the regulations and penalizing, thanks to the development and implementation of a protocol of action against fraud, all those who do not follow the rules of the game.

Go green. Join a production model in obtaining optimal quality, residue-free food that minimizes human impact on the environment and uses natural resources optimally, helping to preserve plant and animal biodiversity, and which is committed to promote sustainable local development in the area.


José Antonio Rico Navarro
President of the CAECV


The CAECV is a corporation under public law, endowed with its own legal personality and with the full capacity to act for the development of its purposes, which can carry out all kinds of management and administrative acts, generally subject to private law activity, except in actions involving the exercise of powers or public functions, in which it must comply with administrative law.

For its part, the Department of Agri-Food Quality of the Conselleria, is the competent authority in ecological agri-food production.

The purpose of CAECV is the control, certification, representation and defense of organic products, research and promotion with respect to them.

  • The CAECV, as a Management Entity, performs the functions of representing and defending organic products, researching and promoting them.
  • The CAECV, as the Control and Certification Authority, will perform the function of control and certification of compliance by operators, the CAECV Regulation, and the current regulations on production and labeling of organic products, in accordance with the criteria and principles of the UNE-EN ISO 17065 standard.

CAECV is accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) for compliance with the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17065 standard, which recognizes the technical competence of the Committee for the certification of organic production since 2012. This accreditation guarantees that the certification system applied by CAECV is carried out in a reliable, objective and impartial manner.

This accreditation translates into recognition within and outside the Valencian Community of organic products and the Valencian organic farming sector.

The operators are part of the CAECV:

  • Farmers, ranchers and aquaculturists of agricultural holdings.
  • Companies of elaboration, manipulation, packaging, storage, export and / or commercialization of ecological products.
  • Importing companies from third countries.





The operation, organization and composition of the CAECV is described in the following documents:




CAECV offers various certifications and services through collaboration agreements, government recognition and marks so that the products certified by the CAECV can be sold to the main world markets.




Reglamento (CE) 834/2017 Reglamento (CE) 889/2008 Reglamento 1235/2008

Requirements for all products produced, prepared and marketed in the European Union or imported from third countries for their identification as ECOLOGICAL-BIOLOGICAL-ORGANIC-ECO-BIO.

CAECV is  authorized by the EU with the code ES-ECO-020-CV to carry out the control and the certi fi cation under the EU regulations.

More information:



BIO SUISSE is a private standard of SWITZERLAND.

The private organization BIO SUISSE is the association of Swiss organic farmers and owners and owner of the brand.

Bio Suisse only grants its brand to imported products if they meet rigorous market policy conditions as well as strict technical and ecological provisions.

The CAECV carry out the control of Bio Suisse requirements to operators certified by CAECV in compliance with the EU organic regulations that request it. The control report, along with all the documentation is sent to ICBAG (Bio Suisse certifying entity) who makes the decision on recognition.

More information:

Bio Suisse: https://international.bio-suisse.ch/de/import-mit-bio-suisse.html

ICBAG: https://icbag.ch/

KRAV is a private standard of SWEDEN.

The KRAV logo is recognized on the organic product by Swedes. That is why our companies that export to Sweden can request to include the KRAV logo on the labeling. For this, the CAECV, as the control authority recognized by the EU, can act as a “third-party verification” and process the KRAV checklist of the “Extra-Requirements”.

More information: http://www.krav.se/extra-requirements-all-products hp

NATURLAND is a private standard of GERMANY.

The NATURLAND standards are additional standards to comply with the European regulation on organic production, Regulation (EC) 834/2007 (shortly replaced by Regulation (EU) 848/2018). CAECV offers inspection services for this standard, reducing the additional costs to obtain this certification to operators certified by CAECV.

More information: https://www.naturland.de/es