The CAECV celebrates its 30th Anniversary with an event where tribute will be paid to the ecological sector of the Valencian Community

The Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), the public entity in charge of the control, certification, representation and defense of organic products, in addition to research and promotion of these, will celebrate on June 12, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, an event where tribute will be paid to the ecological sector of the Valencian Community.

The event, which has the support of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the Valencia City Council and Caixa Popular, without ruling out the incorporation of new entities, will recognize with a series of awards in different categories the work of people and companies that They have been leaders in the ecological sector of Castelló de la Plana, València and Alicante, throughout these three decades.

For the president of the CAECV, Vicente Faro, “celebrating 30 years as a public certification entity means that we are a responsible party for feeding people and protecting the environment, two concepts that are essential. Therefore, we have to celebrate it by recognizing the work of the sector and of all those who have made it possible for the CAECV to get here.”

Reference entity in organic agri-food certification

During all this time, the CAECV has become synonymous with professionalism, rigor and credibility, to the point of becoming one of the leading public entities for organic agri-food certification in Europe, where transparency and independence of action merge with the participation and structuring of the sector.

During all this time, the Valencian Community has gone from having 230 operators and just over 2,000 certified hectares, to reaching 4,500 and almost 140,000 certified hectares, with a turnover of €736 million.

Currently, the CAECV has accreditation from ENAC, the National Accreditation Entity, a factor that allows it to work with the most demanding quality standards. In addition, the public certification entity has been successfully audited by the European Commission and the United States together with three European certification entities, in order to equate the two regulations and thus achieve a better commercial relationship between Europe and the United States by formalizing an equivalence agreement.

“There is no doubt that the work and trajectory of the CAECV since its birth have contributed, and in what way, to the responsible growth and sustainable development of the ecological sector of the Valencian Community,” explains the president of the certifying entity.

Corporate image change

The CAECV wanted to take advantage of the celebration of its 30th anniversary to renew its corporate image, with a modern style that reflects what the entity is: teamwork and the muscle of the organic sector, one of the ones that has grown the most in the national territory in recent years.

The new image is inspired by an element of nature, very present in ecological fields, the dandelion, to conceptually express what the CAECV represents due to its similarity to a nerve center of operations.

The new brand image is committed to the colors that represent the Community: red, yellow and, instead of blue, green has been chosen as a nod to the ecological identity.

A modern global image, much clearer, simpler and fresher, also aligned with the attributes for which Valencian design is recognized outside our borders.