“The Ecoauténticos”: new campaign ecological promotion of the CAECV

The Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), the public entity in charge of the control, certification, representation and defense of organic products, in addition to research and promotion of these, presents the new campaign of promoted ecological. It is part of “Els Ecoautèntics”, a new initiative of the public entity of ecological control and certification that, on this occasion, has decided to focus on the ecological euroleaf, the only system that identifies ecological products.

In recent years, the growth of the area, the name of the operators and the consumption of ecological products has become a reality, now that fraud, fraud and misdeeds have proliferated in the sector.

All these factors have caused it to be a source of confusion for consumers. However, the campaign launched by the CAECV has focused on highlighting the ecological certification through the ecological euroleaf, since not everyone who is said to be ecological is authentic and certified.

For the president of the CAECV, Vicent Faro, “the only way that consumers have to identify a certified ecological product is through the ecological euroleaf and, therefore, we have decided that the Spanish campaign can help them recognize and distinguish between authentic organic food and those that are not today. Finalize with a clear message: don’t be fooled, just the ecological euroleaf is ecological.

Other campaign objectives

As the CAECV has already done in other promotional campaigns through advertising language, games and creativity, this promotional campaign also has other layers of reading with other messages that do not intend anything other than to highlight the ecological sector and everything that surrounds them.

“The Ecoauténticos” are not only the ecological products, but also the people who are promoting the ecological sector of the Valencian Community.

The Valencian Community has a sector made up of 4,500 certified people, of which almost a thousand are companies, the main muscle of the sector, with a turnover close to €750 million.

The campaign is a collection of 10 images that will be advertised throughout 2024, reminding consumers who “The Ecoauténticos” truly are. The message will not be said by the CAECV, but by the organic industry of the Valencian Community itself through its protagonists, operators certified by the CAECV, demonstrating the strength and main achievements achieved within the sector in the last 30 years.

“At the CAECV we hope that “Los Ecoauténticos” is a campaign that connects with consumers and pushes them to look for the Euroleaf at the time of purchase,” says Vicente Faro.