‘Ecologízale’, new CAECV promotion campaign focused on people

The Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), the entity in charge of the control, certification, representation and defense of organic products, in addition to their research and promotion, presents its new promotional campaign for 2023, ‘Ecologízale . It’s good, and it’s better.’

The new proposal for 2023 once again addresses consumers, but this time, it is aimed directly at people. Yes, in the first campaign launched by the CAECV ‘Go Green. It’s good, and it’s better’, the protagonist was the product, and in the second, ‘Green me. It’s good, and it’s better’, the recipes were the protagonists, in this new derivative of the campaign presented by the certifying entity, in continuity with the previous two, the people are the ones who must be “Greened.”

For the president of the CAECV, Vicente Faro, “for some years now the campaigns we are launching are having a positive impact on the ecological sector. In this new campaign we put the focus on consumers, those who make it possible for organic farming to be a reference in the Valencian Community and in the rest of the national territory and, what is more important, have a hopeful future.”

‘Ecologízale. It’s good, and it’s better

With the launch of this new campaign, with nine different creatives, the CAECV once again speaks to consumers, but in this case it plays with those who are inside and outside the campaign.

In the creatives where a single individual appears, he addresses the viewing public, while in cases where two people appear, one of them is appealed to and says “Ecologize him” to refer to the other person. The campaign also aims to reinforce the conviction of consuming organic products through empathy, making visible other people who consume organic, using the language of mass advertising, with an attractive and suggestive photograph but where the people who appear are normal people, developing daily activities that the public is able to recognize perfectly.

Another aspect worth highlighting is the appearance of pets in the new campaign. It must be taken into account that the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have reached an agreement to promote a regulation that will make it easier for Europeans to purchase organic pet food through new labeling rules, so we also go green to animals through their diet.

CAECV’s commitment to communication and promotion

The purpose of the CAECV is the control, certification, representation and defense of organic products, but as a public certification entity it is also responsible for their promotion.

The Plenary Session of the entity’s Management Body decided a few years ago to make a decisive commitment to communication and promotion, creating a specific and professional area for this. The new CAECV promotion campaign is in line with the axes and actions of the II Valencian Agroecological Transition Plan (2021 – 2025) launched by the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition.

It must be remembered that this second plan includes, among its five lines of action, actions aimed at launching clear and concise advertising campaigns on the consumption of ecological products.

The initiative is one of the actions of the entity’s Communication and Promotion Plan for this year, which will also focus on participation in fairs, the enhancement of ecological products through participation in contests or the organization of school workshops. whose objective is to educate, among the youngest, about healthy consumption habits of organic products. It should be remembered that a little over a month ago, the CAECV was awarded the Eco & Organic Retail Awards in the category of Best Marketing Campaign for the promotion of ecological products for the campaigns launched in previous years.

The objective of these awards was to recognize the importance of both companies dedicated to the retail sector and entities that promote the consumption of organic products in Spain and Portugal.