CAECV publishes a video to highlight the work of certified organic operators

The Committee for Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community (CAECV) has published a video that aims to highlight the work of the more than 3,400 organic operators certified by the entity.

Under the title “We are the present, we will green the future. Go green. It’s good, and it’s better ”, CAECV continues with its promotional campaign highlighting the work and trajectory of all organic producers, companies and importers who have contributed to the responsible growth and sustainable development of the organic sector of the Valencian Community. But this work and trajectory take on a much more relevant dimension given the health crisis of COVID-19 that the planet is going through.

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has brought to the table the fragility of the globalized food system and the importance of local agriculture. The health crisis we are going through has triggered the consumption of organic products, local sales, home sales and online sales, a factor that has highlighted the rapid adaptability of the organic sector in the face of the impossibility of being able to go to non-sedentary markets when the state of alarm was decreed. This rapid adaptation has somewhat alleviated the significant economic losses that had led to the closure of the restaurant sector, markets and local product fairs.

What has become clear during the exceptional situation we are going through is that agricultural, livestock and aquaculture production, as well as fishing activity, the transformation of agricultural products, food distribution and its commercialization through retail sale to consumer, have formed the food supply chain whose activity has had to be guaranteed in the state of alarm.

This has been recognized by the Generalitat Valenciana, which has awarded the Distinction of the Generalitat 9 d’Octubre, to the different groups that have played an essential role during the crisis, among which are the sectors dedicated to production, distribution and marketing of agri-food products.