‘Ecologízame’: the new CAECV campaign that aims to encourage the consumption of organic products

The Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), launches the campaign ‘Ecologízame. It’s good and it’s better’, with the aim of encouraging the consumption of organic products, based on dishes and recipes that are consumed regularly in all homes.

In the month of June 2020, the CAECV launched the campaign ‘Ecologízate: it’s good and it’s better’, whose objective was to value the work of certified operators and seek growth in the sector, highlighting aspects such as the sustainability, quality or health. “With the launch of this new campaign, from the CAECV we seek to stimulate the demand for organic products from the hand of consumers, in line with the axes and actions of the II Valencian Plan of Agroecological Transition (2021 – 2025) put into march by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition”, explains the president of the certifying entity, Vicente Faro.

It must be remembered that this second plan includes, among its five lines of action, actions aimed at launching clear and concise advertising campaigns on the consumption of organic products.

For the president of the CAECV “one of our pending subjects is the increase in the internal consumption of ecological products. We cannot be the second country in Europe with the most surface area certified and we are far from being a benchmark in terms of consumption. With this campaign we are convinced that we can increase this internal consumption and that this has repercussions on agri-food producers and the organic sector in general”.

The keys to the campaign: from ‘Ecologízate’ to ‘Ecologízame’

If in 2020 the slogan chosen for the campaign was ‘Ecologízate’, in 2022 it is ‘Ecologízame’. On this occasion, it is the dishes and recipes that speak to consumers and ask consumers to make them organic, expanding the current consumption niche, extending it to the entire population and normalizing the consumption of organic products. In the 2020 campaign people were greened, now what is greened are the prescriptions.

The continuity created, with the use of the same verb in another of its forms, is a strategy so that in the long term ‘Ecologizarse’ (in any of its uses) is immediately associated with the CAECV, the entity in charge of controlling, certifying, representing , defend, investigate and promote the ecological products of the Valencian Community.

Regarding the claim, nothing changes. “If consuming organic “It’s good and it’s better” yesterday, today and always, why would we change it?”, says Faro.

The 2022 campaign uses mass consumption advertising tools, where the product is presented in an irresistible way to seduce the consumer. In addition, it is once again a visual collection, as was the 2020 collection, with a set of creativities, which will be presented in the coming months, where the main food groups that are produced in our territory are represented: fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, meat, fish, oil or wine. The initiative is one of the actions of the entity’s Promotion and Communication Plan for this year, which will also bet on participation in fairs, the enhancement of organic products through participation in competitions or the organization of school workshops whose objective is to educate the youngest about healthy consumption habits of organic products.