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‘Ecologízame’: the new CAECV campaign that aims to encourage the consumption of organic products

The Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), launches the campaign ‘Ecologízame. It’s good and it’s better’, with the aim of encouraging the consumption of organic products, based on dishes and recipes that are consumed regularly in all homes. In the month of June 2020, the CAECV launched the campaign ‘Ecologízate: it’s good and […]

The olive grove campaign for organic oil ends with prices 30% above the conventional

The olive grove campaign for organic oil has ended with prices higher than 33% of those settled in the mills for conventional oil. According to data from the Almazara San Cristóbal de La Cañada (Alicante), one of the first cooperatives in the province to obtain the certificate from the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the […]